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Have some shirts and stickers to ship but stamps and such still got you stuck? Do you have an enamel pin designed in your head that's gonna blow your chat's mind? Good at designing merch, but don't have the time to sell it or space to store it?


Well, announcing FireOtter Fulfillment to solve your merch sales, storage, and shipping needs! FireOtter Fulfillment is a management based, integrated provider of fulfillment and logistics services.

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Why Should I Outsource to Someone Else for Fulfillment?

 Creating good designs, products, and merch tends to use different skills and equipment than actually selling it and getting it to your customers. By outsourcing to a 3PL (third party fulfillment company), you can let them focus on what they're good at while you can focus on what makes you special! Of course, there's A LOT of trial and error, as well as investment in packaging and software and specialized equipment, not to mention the time investment. Using third-party fulfillment ensures that it's done right, right from the first order. It also can minimize your upfront and capital costs, making it easier to get started.


But Why Should I Use FireOtter Fulfillment?

 We've done the hard work to get things right and all set up. We have processed over 1,000 orders for three shops, two successful Kickstarter campaigns, fulfilling to customers in over a dozen countries on 4 different continents. We've partnered with several creators to bring their ideas to life and out to the masses, most are hosted on the Sciggles Shop.

With discounted commercial rates with USPS, UPS, and DHL, we're able to ship more for less. And unlike larger warehouses, we are able to put the personal touch to your orders that will help make you shine in your customers eyes!

Finally, we tout an above industry average in our accuracy rates: 99.76% for order fulfillment accuracy, with 99.90% for picking accuracy and an impressive shrink rate at 0.02%, when considering all orders shipped and inventory handled from beginning of online sales of Sciggles LLC in April of 2020 through current day (November 14, 2022) across all managed storefronts.


So, Where Should I Begin?

In general, we provide one of two services, where we can act as

  1. a third-party logistics fulfillment (3PL) fulfillment service for your existing online shop (Etsy, Shopify, Patreon, KoFi, heck even Google Forms spreadsheets) OR
  2. a full franchised shop for you, utilizing a licensing agreement to completely operate an online storefront for you

Regardless of option, we offer a wide range of pricing options to match your needs and your budget. So whether your volume is 50 orders a year or 50 orders a week, we can partner with you!

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Set up a meeting today to see just what we can do for you! Send an email to fireotterfulfillment at gmail dot com

What Can You Help Me With?


  • Choosing the right sized mailer or box, with the correct strength and level of protection
  • Choosing the right product packaging
  • Final presentation of the packed order

Shipping with Reasonable Pricing:

  • Utilize the heavy shipping discounts we have through USPS, UPS, and DHL, as well as custom shipping solutions available for those more difficult to ship products that require special handling
  • Convenient location in the central Mid-Atlantic area of the east coast, able to ship the average order of a small to medium product up to 1 pound anywhere in the continental US for less than $10, and under $5 for up to 4 oz, all WITH tracking!

Inventory Storage Solutions:

  • We can create a barcode and SKU tracking system, to make the transition easier to temporary event selling or pop-up shop or brick-and-mortar
  • Organization and appropriate storage in safe, secure, and climate controlled environment
  • Need to check on your products? We can schedule a virtual tour with as little as 5 business days notice. In person inspections can be scheduled with as little as 30 calendar days ' notice - both WELL below industry standard of 90 days for in person!

Customizing the little oft overlooked details:

  • shipping label
  • packaging decoration, such as stickers and stamps on the outside and inside
  • barcodes and QR codes
  • business cards, advertising inserts, and swag


Communication is Key!

  • ...and communication tends to be the biggest problem when working with third party logisitcs and fulfillment companies
  • Per your preferences, we offer monthly and/or quarterly performance reports that we will work with you to customize to your needs
  • We promise to answer 90% of all calls, messages and emails within 48 hours and 100% within 72 hours - and this is a trackable metric that we can include in your monthly or quarterly reporting


Miscellaneous Extra Services:

  • Set up, stock, and sell at conventions, trade shows, and expos? We can do that too! We've sold at dozens of different shows in a variety of communities. (Continental United States only. Shows outside of the Mid-Atlantic region will incur additional costs and may not be possible)
  • Help with marketing activities? Within a limited scope, we can do that, too! Setting up Google and Facebook Ads, running a basic marketing campaign, handling email blasts, and analyzing traffic, for example
  • Taxes scary? Of course they are! But we want to help make it easy for you. We keep an accurate accounting of your provided inventory, track aging, and provide monthly invoices/statements. Or for those more hands off, we provide clean billing for inventory stock purchases and design consultations, and get you monthly payout statements.


Follow us on Twitter: @FireOtter3PL

Set up a meeting today to see just what we can do for you! Send an email to fireotterfulfillment at gmail dot com


So what are you waiting for? YES we can fulfill your stickers! YES we can fulfill your enamel pins and buttons! YES we can fulfill your shirts, coffee mugs, CDs, and mousepads! So why don't you say YES and come see what we can do for you!

Your Orders | Shipped Right | On Time | Always

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