Hello, world!

Hey everyone! For our very first blog post on our brand new Shopify storefront (EEEEE!!), we're going to do things a little differently. The two main peeps behind the site will each get a chance to introduce themselves and say a little something. Soooooo... here we go!


Hi I'm Sciggles and I've been a full time independent artist since I was 19. It has never been easy. Lots of ups and downs and learning! I am so excited that after all these years I finally will have my own site and shop to share with you all! My husband, FIReNVY, and my friend, Pickra, have helped a lot to make this a reality for me. For any of my previous customers reading this and checking out my site, I want to say thank you SO MUCH for your support over the years. I am only able to continue doing this and supporting my family because of you guys! 


Hello, I'm FIReNVY (FI-YUR-EN-VEE)! My name's got weird capitalization, I know, so I figured that that might be a good place to start lol! I actually made this name WAAAAAAY back in 4th grade when I got the brand new Game Boy Color with a copy of Pokemon Blue. I was big into the card game and TV show, so boy was I excited to FINALLY get my hands on the game itself! (FUN FACT: I still have all my cards, including Topps cards and Burger King cards, just saying.) I started the game up and chose Bulbasaur as my starter. An obvious mistake that I regretted pretty quickly. So I nuked the save file and started over using Charmander. This time, I wanted to make a fire-based name, to help differentiate from my previous failed save. Best I could come up with, that still fit in the character limit, was Fire Envy, except that it was one letter too big, so shared "e". I originally used the accented "e" like in Pokemon, but over time, I just dropped the accent. For clarity on the shared letter versus the other letters, I made all the letters capitalized, with the lowercase accented "e" in the middle. Plus, my mild OCD LOVED the symmetry of the 7 letters, 3 big on either side of the little letter!


NOW THAT YOU KNOW THAT: most of my time spent around here lately has been on the theme, legal policies, organization, inventory, and just really getting the whole website ready! Typically, though, I assist my amazing wife with big process updates, getting new tech set up, and largely taking care of all things logistics, shipping, and handling.


Thank you to everyone that supports us. You are making my babu's dream come true! Seriously, thank you!


Love and hugs, Team Sciggles

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