"Seconds" Flash Sale - Starbucks Cold Cups, Cups - Sciggles

"Seconds" Flash Sale - Starbucks Cold Cups

常规价格 $18.00 销售价格 $10.00
单价  单价 

SURPRISE! Doing a flash super end of the year sale! These items are "seconds" meaning sold as is and have some flaws in the design.

No customizations or add-ons - except personalization for the Starbucks cups add an extra +$3 in Tip and put the name in the Checkout Notes section.

$10 for Starbucks cold cups (+$3 if you want name added)
$5 for mousepads
$5 for facemasks



For convenient referencing, the items are listed one at a time, in the order shown in the image, left to right, top to bottom. First number is the row (top to bottom) and second number is the position within the row (left to right). For example, (1-5) would be the fifth item from the left in the top row. Double check that you have the right selection before adding the item to the cart, as what is shown is the entire stock.