We're Moving! Here's Some Store Changes Effective Immediately!

Hello again!

Our little family is moving the first or second week of June from our home base in Tennessee back up to Western Maryland to be with FIReNVY's family. That means that our business (and the store) will be officially moving, too. There shouldn't be any interruption in service for our customers (outside of the few days we'll be physically moving 550 miles away), BUT we will need to limit our services effective immediately.

The following products will be temporarily and completely unavailable for the duration of our move:

  • All sublimation products (mugs, mousepads, lanyards, face masks), with the exception of already pre-made, in-stock items
  • All Starbucks cups (hot, cold, and custom/limited editions), with the exception of already pre-made, in-stock items
  • All customization options of all products, including pre-made items
  • All Star Jars
  • Most Keychains, and a few earrings and necklaces as well
  • Some Stickers
  • Most Badges
  • Most pinback Buttons
  • All out of stock items (we will not be producing or restocking any additional items until we are settled into our new Team SciggleNVY Global Headquarters)

The following will remain as available on the Shop, but may occasionally experience longer than usual delays on fulfilment OR have significantly limited stock availability:

  • All Prints
  • Subscription Boxes
  • Sciggle Machine Mystery Pins!

Everything else - with perhaps a few exceptions not listed above - will be fully available without any expected delays.

We will be focusing on our smaller and pre-made items, as well as liquidating our limited pre-made stock of Starbucks cups and sublimated products. In an effort to help facilitate that we will be reorganizing our shop over the next week or so to make it easier to find what you need that's still available, PLUS we will be enacting a site-wide sale, with the biggest focus on our amazing enamel pins! This automatic discount will be active from RIGHT NOW until the day before we physically leave our current premises.

To continue the unfortunately few bits of good news within this post full of store deletions: WE GOOFED!! FIReNVY totally and completely forgot to post up a brand new acrylic pin. See what it is - it IS available right now after all - right here: https://shop.sciggles.com/products/sciggles-fan-club-acrylic-pin

Because we are actively packing up not only our shop, but our entire house while juggling two energetic toddlers, we do ask that you have a bit of patience with us. We also request that if you keep an eye on your email for any updates. We may have to reach out to you about your order, in a more time-sensitive manner than usual. PLEASE double-check your shipping address before you finalize checkout, or YOU WILL EXPERIENCE MAJOR DELAYS. INCLUDE YOUR FULL ADDRESS, including any secondary street address information like Suite, Apartment, Building, or Floor Number. We cannot just ship to an entire multi-family building or site without a specific address; our shipping/postage system literally will not purchase the postage or authorize the label without a complete recognized address.



Great question! Besides the temporary restrictions listed above, there will be very few changes to the site or the products available.

Domestic (US) shipping rates will be reassessed and updated as needed, of course. International rates will remain as they are - calculated at checkout.

A few of our products may experience some price changes as we either experience changes in the costs of shipping in components or finished products to our "warehouse" (garage/basement/office) OR changes in suppliers and/or partner companies, resulting in different costs to us. If there are any appreciable differences, they most likely will be inconsequential or even nonexistent from a customer perspective.

As our location changes, we may experience various factors that could differently influence our product offerings or stock availability. As an example, if we end up not having as much available storage space, we might eliminate or cut back on some of our more bulky items. Alternatively, if we end up having EXTRA storage space, we may focus more on bigger/bulkier products (t-shirts, maybe?) or keep more inventory on hand. We will make every effort to keep communicating with you every step of the way.

The biggest change - for domestic (US) orders - is that we will be handling sales tax differently. In TENNESSEE, we are only responsible for charging sales tax up front for orders placed IN TENNESSEE, at a hefty 9.75%. TN is considered an origin-based taxable state, with online small business (as in "remote sellers", or internet only businesses without a brick-and-mortar location) purchases taxable only for orders shipped to TN addresses.

Maryland on the other hand, at a lovely 6% in-state sales tax, is considered a destination-based taxable state. MD requires us to collect tax up front from our customers for all shipped orders, at the tax-rate local to the customer, with a few exceptions. This means that if you are in NY or rather that we are shipping your purchase to NY, we would charge the NY sales tax rate instead of the MD sales tax rate.

Complicated? YUP, YOU BETCHA. The number of hats that we small business folk wear... BUT the benefit of using Shopify as our sales platform is that all of this confusing sales tax stuff is handled automatically right at checkout! So you don't have to worry about anything other than getting the right color or quantity!

Regardless, we will most definitely update our Shipping Policy page once we have more concrete information from the State of Maryland and from our new accountants.


Do you currently have an outstanding order already placed, including some of our temporarily suspended product types? Well, don't you worry! We'll be getting your order finished up and shipped shortly.


Pride Furby Enamel Pins are back in stock! Check out the previous blog post for more details, or go straight to the product post here: https://shop.sciggles.com/collections/enamel-pins/products/pride-furby-enamel-pins