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Custom Lanyards

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Imagine your lanyard design here!! These bright and vibrant lanyards feature a colorful matching pattern on both sides. Designed by YOU (with help from Sciggles). Pressed and assembled by Sciggles and FIReNVY, in house.

You will need to provide two images, (such as a pony and its cutie mark, or a full body and a headshot, or a logo and a Twitch emote, etc.). From there, we can work with you to create a beautiful and vibrant custom lanyard!

Alternatively, if you want to provide the complete design, we can provide you a template with instructions and the requested file formats, and then we can work from there. If you plan on buying multiples/in bulk, please contact us by email BEFORE placing your order.

The approval of all custom designs will be at the discretion of the artist, Sciggles.

Unassembled Fabric Length: ~39in

Total Assembled Lanyard Length: 20in