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AirDnD Faux Burlap Dice Bag

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For all of your "murder hobo" characters' needs, there's airdnd. Travel like a half-orc barbarian (or gnomish rogue or human warlock or...).

We also make customized and personalized dice bags. See a design you like? Have it personalized! If you don't? Have one custom made!

Made from polyester and polyester blend fibers to mimic burlap, these dice bags have matching double drawstrings and can hold twelve full sets of dice, with a little bit of room, and still have the drawstring snugly closed. The flattened/empty outer dimensions are 5.75 inches wide by 7.5 inches long, 6 inches of which are below the drawstring. Designed and pressed by Sciggles and FIReNVY.