Team SciggleNVY Updates 9/9/20

Hey, it's Sciggles!

Sorry everyone; we are aiming to try to post blog posts on Mondays, but things have been busy. The shop may be a little slow over the next week as I am having surgery today. (Outpatient, so not too serious, but I'll be making sure she stays in bed for the doctor recommended week or so! Don't y'all worry! -FIReNVY)

In some good news though, we were accepted to vend at the online cons Ponyfest Online ( ) and RAMcon ( )! They are hosted through Discord and should be a great time if you wanted to check them out. This is super exciting for us and we will be working on con related merch very soon.

Hope you all are having a great week! Please remember to tag us in unboxing posts and rate your favorite products 🥰

Love & hugs, Team SciggleNVY


P.S. SHHHH!! We did a sneaky. Mousepads are now live! CHECK THEM OUT HERE!! And check out the video of us making our very first mousepads ever here.

P.P.S. Image is by our wonderfully talented friend, CrikeyDave! Find him on Twitter @CrikeyDave

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