Hello! Sciggles and FIReNVY here!

We have a whole host of brand new products that we've launched over the past two days, plus some newer items we added when we launched just over a week ago! Check them out below:

  • Buttons
  • Star Jars
  • ALMOST HERE Vinyl Stickers
  • NEW Unicorns, Mermaid Tails, and Rainbows
  • NEW D20 Dice Earrings
  • NEW Mini Fruit Jewelry


I finally got myself a button maker! Plus a fancy shmancy button graphic that looks REALLY nice on the shop. All of my full-color animals, plus ponies, FNAF, and some other newbies!


Star Jars

I have ALWAYS loved origami stars, ever since I first saw my cousin making them when I was little. Many consider these jars to be good luck, or believe that they can hold your wishes safe for you. Either way, while these are rather labor intensive, they are a ton of fun to make! Each star is folded with love by Team SciggleNVY.

Vinyl Stickers

I've been wanting to make stickers for forever! Available in glitter/holo vinyl and standard, we've got several designs available, all in the 3" size range. We've been testing their durability ourselves, and they hold up pretty well, even on a sweating water bottle! The full size stickers are technically still preorder at this time, but they should officially arrive in stock this week, pending USPS cooperating of course.

Unicorns, Mermaid Tails, and Rainbows

...OH MY! Made from light-weight, durable, and non-toxic resin, these new earrings are sure to be a silly and adorable addition to your wardrobe! Like all of our earrings, ALL of the components are guaranteed to be nickel-free and lead-free! If you see a design that you like, though, grab it up. We have very limited quantities of each, and it might take a bit to restock any particular style!

D20 Dice Earrings

Roll for initiative! These earrings are made from actual twenty sided dice, and as such are heavy-duty, solid, and pretty!! Intentionally created to show the NAT20 right side up when you wear them, these earrings are sure to give you some serious tabletop cred. There's only ONE of each color pattern, though, so act FAST to nab the ones that you NEED! To reiterate, ALL of our earrings are made with components that are guaranteed to be nickel-free and lead-free.

Mini Fruit Jewelry

These juicy earrings, necklaces, and keychains are small and subtle, yet full of flavor! Made from light-weight, durable, and non-toxic resin, these tiny fruits are VERY carefully crafted into TINY jewelry. Like the other new jewelry pieces, these items ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED and likely won't be restocked for a LONG time, so grab yours as soon as they are available! As a special thank you, these items will be exclusively available to our email subscribers for the first few days, so sign up now to get early access.


As we mentioned above, there are definitely special benefits to being one of our email subscribers! Early access to limited items, special deals and discounts, first looks at new products, special behind the scenes insights, and more!


Thank you for your support everyone! We've had an AMAZING response to the Sciggles Shop and we most definitely couldn't do it without you!


Love and hugs, Team SciggleNVY

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